Gooka - The Mystery of Janatris

The story

The game Gooka - The Mystery of Janatris is a sequel to the game called just Gooka which was released in 1997 for the fans of adventure games. Both games are based on books by Richard D. Evans. Once again, the player is taken to the strange world on the planet of Janatris. Once again, Gooka is the main hero of the day. Once again, he finds himself in trouble.

gooka screenshot

Gooka, a respected judge, returns home from a long journey. As the ship enters the harbour, he still hasn't got a clue of what awaits him at home. Instead of being welcomed by his lady, the beautiful Lidra, and by joyful shouts of his son Yorimar, he's welcomed only by burnt ruins. He learns that Lidra was badly injured in the fire and that Yorimar was kidnapped and nobody knows who did it or where they took him.

gooka screenshot

So this is how a long journey starts. Gooka has yet to overcome scores of snares, prove his strength, courage, perception and acumen. If he can rely on good friends, a bit of luck, and, above all, a bright helpmate at the computer keyboard, he might eventually see all his loved ones again.

The game

As for playing the game, Gooka - The Mystery of Janatris has everything we could expect from a good adventure game. In their search for Gooka's son's kidnappers, players must gather important information, collect and cleverly use various items, and solve riddles and puzzles.

gooka screenshot

Moreover, there are also action sections such as finding your way through a maze or head-on fights with enemies. However, the success is not guaranteed just by good equipment and management of the inventory. A well chosen strategy makes a difference just as well.

During the game, Gooka takes the player to various near and far corners in the world of Janatris. These would include the cloister at the fortress of Xarag or the capital city of Avaral. Gooka meets Choree piratesses and a native tribe. He also has to fight a mysterious animal-like dragon...

gooka screenshot

With Gooka, the player can experience the special atmosphere of Janatris. It's a world in which the feel of medieval times is mingled with an age of memories of long-forgotten technologies and where mystery and adventure breathe at you at every step in an unusually captivating way.


The game is completely made and programmed in CP's very own CPAL3D system. It is best suited for adventure like games, but there are also arcade and strategy games based on CPAL3D on the market. You can find more on CP's technology page.

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